North Star AI - nonprofit with a mission to solve AI talent shortage in the region and introduce in-depth discussions about AI

In 2017 a group of AI engineers from Estonia gathered the leading technology companies in the world and Northern Europe to kick-start the road to the highest quality technical event in machine learning in the world. By bringing together practitioners of AI and focusing on the real-world application of data science and machine learning, we intend to lower entry barriers to developers, engineers, CTO-s, data-driven startup founders and product managers.

By sharing knowledge and experiences from practitioner to practitioner, startups have a chance to get their ideas off the ground faster which will lead to new applications of AI.

With North Star AI we will strengthen AI ecosystems in Estonia and in EU.

In 2019 we continue on that path. On March 7th, 2019 DeepMind, Netflix, Nvidia, Microsoft, Spotify, Taxify and other world’s leading companies applying AI technologies are gathering in Tallinn to show how AI technologies have empowered their businesses.

Want to contribute to our mission? Join us on the path to the highest quality technical event in ML in the world that will help to increase AI adoption in companies. Contact us by dropping a line at triin@aiconf.tech

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