Convince Your Manager

You're eager to attend North Star AI's Applied Machine Learning and Data Conference because you know it has the potential to help you work smarter, support your understanding about how to implement AI and use data better, plus advance your career goals. But does your manager know this? Below are some resources that can help you get approval to attend.

Before the conference: Find out if you have a training budget and sign up early to benefit from Regular Price (deal ends after February 12th).

At the Conference: Share your learnings, new thoughts and experience of #northstaraiconf in your social media channels and later in blog perhaps. This will put you on the map as a developer, manager or data enthusiast interested to discuss the latest developments in data and machine learning.

After the conference: Create a report and share what you learned with your team.

Top reasons to attend North Star AI's Applied Machine Learning and Data Conference:

1. Immerse yourself in the data community. Connect with AI champions of the world from leading companies applying AI: Google DeepMind, Netflix, Spotify, Taxify, Nvidia, Microsoft, Amazon, Starship Technologies and many more. Network with hundreds of data scientists, developers, startup and tech leaders from the region and around the world.

2. Save time and avoid stumbling blocks in your data projects. Learn from practical and hands-on data case studies from the world's leading tech companies from a wide range of industries. Get validation for your own ideas and brainstorm new approaches to old problems.

3. Build a solid foundation for your AI skills. Get to know new techniques, platforms, frameworks and technologies. After the confernce you will have a full stack overview of state of the art in machine learning and data science. Besides that you will meet new friends and colleagues to discuss data and AI technologies with after the conference.

4. Get solutions and answers to your biggest challenges that you can apply today. Are you new to AI? Haven't started to apply machine learning and data, yet? Don't worry, North Star AI's startup stage is perfect for you. Learn from startups and early stage companies how they have started with AI and how they get value out of data for the benefit of their business.

5. Give yourself a head-start with Machine Leraning and data. North Star AI is one of the very few events focusing on data as this is the most important thing in machine learning. Algorithms and computing power is a commodity, data is not as it defines what your algorithms learn. Even in the age of big data, labelled data is a scarce resource in many ML use-cases. We know that the collection of data is difficult – challenges with privacy, quality, labelling being expensive to name a few. Yet, data gives you a competitive advantage, something that your competitors don’t have. Once a year we bring 15+ data and AI champions and practitioners from global companies and scale-ups to the region to share case studies and best practices around data.