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Overall theme for 2019 is data

North Star AI is focusing on data as this is the most important thing in machine learning. Algorithms and computing power is a commodity, data is not as it defines what your algorithms learn. Even in the age of big data, labelled data is a scarce resource in many ML use-cases. We know that the collection of data is difficult – challenges with privacy, quality, labelling being expensive to name a few. Yet, data gives you a competitive advantage, something that your competitors don’t have.

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Kersti Kaljulaid

President of Estonia

Opening Speech



Julien Simon

Principal Technical Evangelist, AI/ML

@Amazon Web Services

Real-life reinforcement learning

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Henrik Lindström

Product Lead in Search


How ML in Search works


Roberto de Almeida

Software engineer

@Lyft, Data visualizatio


From clay to WebGL: a brief history of geospatial and geographic visualization


Ville Tuulos

Architect, ML Infrastructure

Tools for Human-Centric Machine Learning at Netflix

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Frank Seide

Principal Researcher @Microsoft

Achieving Human Parity in Speech Recognition and Machine Translation


André Karpištšenko

Head of Data Science


Machine Intelligence for Urban Mobility


Djork-Arné Clevert

Senior Scientist

Nets & Drugs & Gradient Flow - Deep Learning for Denovo Drug Design


Samuel Ritter

Research Scientist

@Google’s DeepMind

Meta-Learning to Make Smart Inferences from Small Data

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Magnus Hiie



Processing real-time logistic events at Sixfold

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Kristjan Korjus

Head of Data

@Starship Technologies

Data as a Specification


Paweł Mandera

NLP Researcher


Teaching machines to teach people


Mervi Sepp Rei

Product Manager, Data and Reporting @Topia

Large scale text processing. From prose to product - post-mortem.

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Alexander Tkachenko

Machine Learning Engineer

@Snackable AI

Extracting meaning from audio

Henrik Brink

Founder @Ento AI

Fighting climate change with AI

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Mikael Ahonen

Data Scientist @Solita

Case Business Finland - The secret recipe to beat the odds in AI development

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Liubov Kyaes

Senior Data Integration Developer @Proekspert

Large scale text processing. From prose to product - post-mortem.

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Alex Kozlov

Enterprise Solutions Architect


RapidsAI - Accelerating ML/AI workloads on GPUs


Märten Veskimäe

Lead Data Scientist @Monese

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater: how to ensure financial security while incentivizing automated onboarding

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Charis Kaskiris

Principal Data Scientist BIM360 @Autodesk

Taivo Pungas

Machine Learning & Automation Lead @Veriff

Developing automation-heavy products

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Jani Turunen

AI Lead @Solita

Case Business Finland - The secret recipe to beat the odds in AI development

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Kristo Iila

VP of Engineering @Intertrust

Data Privacy and Governance in the Age of Data Science